SAUDI ARABIA: An SMS to control women’s travels abroad

In Saudi Arabia, the ways of keeping its women in “prison” are becoming more sophisticated.  This is a case of how technology did not contribute to progress for the cause of women.  This kingdom’s backward mentality has gone from bad to worse.  


An SMS to control women’s travels outside the kingdom. This is one of the new “security” measures reserved for women in Saudi Arabia.  The service alerts the woman’s “guardian” (father, husband, brother or tutor) when she leaves the country, by sending a message to the guardian’s cell phone.  The measure is so efficient that it informs the guardian even if he is traveling with the person concerned. 

The service has been active for a few days.  It serves to control travels abroad by women, who must always be accompanied by a man.  According to Islamic law, none of them can leave the country without the signed authorization of their guardian.  Saudi activists for human rights denounce the condition of women who are prisoners in their own country.   

In Saudi Arabia, women live under the strict dictates of Qur’anic law. They are obliged to wear the full veil, cannot leave the house unless accompanied by men and cannot drive a car.  


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