Singapore: A World Leader in Recycling Water

Singapore is the world leader in recycling water.  The country, which has very few natural water resources, is on track to achieve full self-sufficiency for the more than 5 million people who live on the city-state.  Those were the conclusions of Circle of Blue spokesperson Brett Walton.  Circle of Blue is a Michigan-based organization that brings together journalists, scientists and designers to compile and distribute information about global water resources. 

With the world experiencing global drought, rapid population growth, and widespread fresh water shortages, there is much to be learned from the “Singapore Model.”   The Singapore water model won the 2007 Stockholm Industry Water Award.

Singapore currently gets 50% of its water supply from Malaysia, with a contract that expires in 2061. By then the city will be entirely self-sufficient.

The “Singapore Model” which won the 2007 Stockholm Industry Water Award it is based on three components:  the first is the collection of rainwater, the second is the desalination of sea water,  and the third  component is the recycling of waste water. 

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