Slim chance of RH bill passage no reason to rejoice – Fr. Melvin Castro

Reacting to news reports of the reproductive health (RH) bill’s unlikely passage, Episcopal Commission on Family and Life (ECFL) Executive Secretary Fr. Melvin Castro called on the faithful to remain vigilant, saying that reports of slim chances for the passage of the measure are no reason to celebrate.

“The contraceptive culture has already permeated the Philippine society, add to that the recent administration order of the Department of Health promoting contraception,” he said.

Last month the DOH issued Admin. Order No. 2012-0009 on National Strategy Towards Reducing Unmet Need for Modern Family Planning as a Means to Achieving MDGs on Maternal Health which included provisions similar to the controversial measure.

“The RH bill is but a symptom of a graver and deeper moral and spiritual crisis. And the Church aims to address this far greater challenge.”

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