SOUTH KOREA: Govt cancelled plan to sell morning after pill without prescription

Here is one good news for the the pro-life cause in South Korea:  

The government cancelled last Wednesday a plan to offer the contraceptive pill over-the-counter despite previously indicating it would reform existing laws.

South Korean women's groups

In an announcement which had been expected to confirm that the sale of the pill would be permitted without prescription, the director for medical policy at the Ministry of Health, Kim Won-jong, instead said in a press conference that “The pill will not be switched from prescription to over-the-counter.”

The decision – a subject of much debate in South Korea – comes after the government indicated the exact opposite in June.

Cho Ki-won, director of medicine safety at the Korea Food and Drug Administration, said authorities would monitor the effects of the pill over the next few years before a possible change in policy.

Leading members of the Church in Korea welcomed the decision while women and pharmacists denounced it.


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