SPAIN: Organizing a Christmas dinner for families who can’t celebrate it

Here’s an idea that some are doing in Spain to make Christmas come alive for the poorest of the poor in their community.  But lest anyone forget, we bring the best of Christmas when we bring Christ, first and foremost. 

downloadImagine a soup kitchen that serves only the most exquisite dishes. Next Christmas, this will be a reality thanks to a group of 200 volunteers in Spain. They plan to organize the perfect dinner for people who can’t afford to have one.   

The idea is explained in the website  It was set in motion by several humanitarian organizations of the ‘Comunion Liberation’ movement. With every online donation, they will be able to host 600 people for an unforgettable Christmas dinner in Madrid on December 22.

Volunteers will be the waiters and waitresses of the event.  Six gourmet chefs, including dessert experts, cooking teachers and TV presenters, will make sure that this will be a night to remember with this new way to celebrate what Christmas is all about.
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