Speaker Alvarez speaks for No One.

After President Rodrigo Duterte’s second State of the Nation Address, the Speaker of the House Pantaleon Alvarez pushed his pet bills in a press conference.

One of the bills he will be pushing is the dissolution of marriage. It is common knowledge that the Speaker has a mistress. Having a mistress is illegal in the Philippines, and it is quite ironic that the Speaker of the House himself is the first to break such rule.

His wriggling out of it is him claiming to be a manobo, where polygamy is allowed. Is the law of the country subservient to that? As Speaker shouldn’t he follow the laws he is tasked to create? Welcome to Philippine politics.

His wife says she was left after the first SONA of President Duterte. She is being asked to move on, but she is the legal wife, and it is unfortunate that the mistress is taking precedence over the wife.

It is said that many of our politicians have their wives and also mistresses. This is a breakdown of faith and family in the Philippines. We see in Western nations that divorce and polygamy do not lead to anything good. They just lead to more confusion and heartbreak – of everyone involved, especially the children.

Once a couple commits to their marriage, they must work on it everyday. There will be ups and downs, but working through all the issues strengthens the union. Especially if it is offered to God at all times.

We do not support Speaker Alvarez and his desire to legalize his mistress’ position in his life. We also do not support his using his influence to push his desires also in other realms of politics.

We must double down and protect the family, push for more formation for married (and engaged) couples, and support those in troubled relationships to bring them back to their original intent: to reflect the love that God has to His people.


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