by HopefulBeliever

So what is THE LIFE? Let me put it as a “LIFE IN GOD.” What else can you ask for when all your life questions are answered by Him, anyway? It is the kind of life that makes one hopeful because there’s Someone to hang onto, Someone to believe in, Someone to talk to both in ordinary and extraordinary moments. What’s more incredible is that even if this Someone can’t be seen, He just gives so many reasons for one to continue believing, to continue persevering, to continue LIVING.

Now what does THE LIFE have to do with a FREE ICE CREAM STICK?

Yesterday, I was privileged to sell ice cream sticks for P10 each. My friends and I eventually decided to give the ice cream sticks for free since it was already closing time. What I never expected though was how almost everyone became so wild just to get free ice cream sticks! Some were literally pushing the ice cream freezer and were even pushing us down!

What’s my point now? I don’t know why but there’s something about ice cream that makes people happy and satisfied. Maybe that’s the reason why the people reacted that way. Maybe they were thinking “I-would-do-anything-just-to-get-that-free-ice-cream-stick-before-going-home!” Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but their reaction was just so intense. To make it more exciting, this something which makes them happy and satisfied was given to them for FREE! And so followed that “unexpected scene.”

Now I wonder. Those Ice Cream Sticks were given for free. And the people’s reaction was intense. Then I thought of the life God gave to me. It was for free. In reality, I didn’t even ask for it. It just came to be. I didn’t have to push the freezer or the people around me to get it. It was just part of His plan that I’d live in this world, that I’d be where I am now. Now here’s the striking question: How do I actually react being given by God this freebie, this life? Am I grateful? Am I eager to make it meaningful? Do I become “wild” and “intense” searching for the reason of my existence?

Hard-hitting but true. In the many things happening in our lives now, maybe we’re already missing the point. And so let’s pause and stop for a while. Before everything in our life came to be, it was God first giving this life for free. Let’s then live this life wisely. It is given for free. Why not try to become the best person you can be? What better way can this be done than by living – not just living for the day, but by LIVING IN GOD. By then, we will experience THE LIFE.


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