The Spirit of Christmas Caroling in the Philippines


It is that time of the year again when church bells ring just before dawn; lights blink and shine colourfully in the night, and the sounds of tambourines in the hands of carollers. Yes, it is Christmas once again.

Among the favorite traditions of Filipinos during the Christmas season, we must remember, is caroling. For those who are not familiar, caroling is an activity wherein you sing Christmas songs as you go from house to house.

What makes caroling so unique in the Philippines is how the carolers use recycled materials for their caroling like using the flattened bottle caps, strung with wire in the middle, as tambourines, or tin cans with plastic as drums. Carolers sing either an English or Filipino Christmas Song; among favourites are Ang Pasko ay Sumapit, Noche Buena, Sa Maybahay ang Aming Bati, and more. The caroling spirit from Filipinos can be felt all around; some carolers sing to raise funds for the poor, and some just want to experience the Christmas Spirit in singing.  Of course, for a group of children singing carols, they are more than happy if you spare them change for singing a Christmas song.

What a wonderful feeling it must be to sing Christmas Songs at home, what more if you sing with your friends or family, bringing the holiday spirit to other people? Indeed, the Filipino caroling spirit is one of a kind.



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