Transgender Children? More like Confused Parents.


Confused transgenderAre babies born transgendered? With the increase of children claiming they are transgender, and their parents accepting this as reality – we end up with dysfunctional families. And not because these children were born transgender, but because their parents are confused.

In the Philippines we see politicians promoting this confusion. With Korina Sanchez – Roxas organizing a Beki Congress. And with Senator Bongbong Marcos trying to redefine marriage. No wonder the Filipino family is in decline, and so many societal problems are emerging due to this attack on the family.

Life Site reports: “But psychiatrists such as Canada’s Joseph Berger, who has treated many transgender people, say those who believe that their “true” gender is different from their biological gender, are merely deluded and that it is a mistake to encourage them. “There is no such thing as transgender children,” he told LifeSiteNews recently – “only confused parents.”

What these kids need is the truth. “He needed the truth. He needed to embrace his bodily reality instead of wishing for something different.” And the truth is He is beautifully and wonderfully made. Help us teach children that.

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