Transgenders and the Military

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump, in a series of tweets, stopped transgenders from serving in the US Military. As expected, a firestorm of liberals reacted and tweeted up a storm attacking their President.

One such attack came from Lady Gaga, as follows:

Lady Gaga mentions that 45% of transgenders within a certain age group have attempted suicide. Almost half of transgenders? That is definitely an alarming number.

A reply to that tweet by Kyle Shortman echoes our thoughts, as stressful situations will exacerbate their mental instability and will lead to worse instances. If one is already mentally unstable, putting them in the frontline of the Military will not help anyone at all.

Maybe there is a need to really look at the reason why men and women become transgender. Media and celebrity influence? Confusion as pushed by the Western world?

There definitely will be depression and confusion in becoming transgender as one is choosing to become who you are not. We have to return to the original design of men and women. Our belief in God shows us that we were made man or woman, and that is good. The liberal world is trying to convince you to be otherwise, but, as we see – it leads to much confusion and depression. Because you are trying to become someone you are not meant to be.

Let us be there for our transgender brothers and sisters, and accompany them on the road to understanding who they truly were made to be. As an image and likeness of God Himself.

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