UN admits aging is a global megatrend, but ignores population growth as a solution

If the United Nations will not support population growth programs to address the growing global concern on aging, this is a frightening scenario:  

“With no population growth, and modern health care allowing more and more people to live into their 80s, 90s and even past their 100th birthdays, it is entirely predictable that government-run health system “death panels” and other culture of death solutions will be found for the surplus elderly ‘problem’.” 

A recent major study by the United Nations admitted that ageing is now a worldwide “megatrend” in both developed and developing nations. Demographic Winter is arriving at breakneck speed. Within ten years, there will be over 1 billion elderly persons on the planet.

The report warned that the “most serious impact of ageing populations would be in developing countries without safety nets or adequate legal protection in place for older people.” 

Ironically, many of the over twenty United Nations entities and international organizations which collaborated on the report are the same organizations behind massive population control efforts around the world which have decimated the rising generation now struggling with how to take care of their elderly. But in their “Ten priority actions to maximize the opportunity of ageing populations” there is  no mention of taking steps to ensure sustained population growth so that there are more workers paying into safety net programs, and more family members around to care for seniors.



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