UN calls contraception a “universal human right”

This declaration by the UNFPA disregards our basic human right of freedom of conscience.  It is insensitive to all who, on moral grounds, do not believe that birth control is neither a need nor a solution.  


For the first time in its history, a United Nations agency, UNFPA, has declared access to contraception “a human right.”   “Family planning is a human right. It must therefore be available to all who want it,” declares the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) annual report.   

The report calls on nations of the world to fight “cultural barriers,” as well as legal constraints, that cause women to forgo the use of birth control.

The report does not explicitly call for abortion legalization. However, it considers “emergency contraception” a human right.  Also, the UNFPA paper suggests widespread use of intrauterine devices (IUDs), which act as an abortifacient.   The traditional birth control pill also thins the uterine lining, making it impossible for an embryo to implant.  UNFPA also claims that widespread contraceptive use will decrease abortion, although numerous scholars have debunked the notion.  

“What is to stop the UNFPA from declaring that abortion is a basic ‘human right,’ as they have already attempted to do several times, especially in light of the relentless UN drive to legalize abortion all over the world?” ask Brian Clowes, director of research for Human Life International.  



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