United Kingdom: Money for Hospitals to Procure Organs

If you are in a persistent vegetative state, some think you should forfeit your organs to save others.   UK’s National Health Service (NHS), Britain’s government-run health care system, is considering giving financial incentives to hospital units for providing organs for donation and an opt-out system where it is presumed UK citizens want their organs harvested EVEN IF they have not said they want to be a donor.

From the Guardian:

The NHS is considering its biggest shakeup of the ethical, legal and professional rules governing transplants, floating ideas to prolong the lives of people who have no chance of surviving in order to harvest their organs, and to make people opt out rather than in to the donor register.

The options are included in a survey of medical, scientific and public opinion to be launched this week.  The survey, on the NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) website from Saturday with a deadline of 21 September, will also suggest:

• New financial rewards for intensive care units for every organ they provide.

• Presuming consent unless people have actively opted out.

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