USA: Fox News claims that Planned Parenthood does not perform abortions, only does referrals

So Planned Parenthood does not perform abortions?  That’s like saying McDonald’s does not serve hamburgers.  Fox News team ought to be ashamed of themselves for such irresponsible journalism.  This should remind everyone to be vigilant at all times because there is a proliferation of false information that media will try to sell us. 


Fox News anchorwoman Martha MacCallum stated yesterday that Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions in the United States, does not perform abortions, but only refers women to abortion providers if they so wish.

MacCallum made the claim, which she later repeated, in an interview with Fox legal expert and former judge Andrew Napolitano on a recent ruling by a U.S federal judge permitting the state of Texas to withhold funding from Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers and referrers.

“So judge obviously there has been a lot of debate in this country over whether or not the federal government and states should fund Planned Parenthood because they do refer people to and give them counseling with regard to abortion. They don’t perform abortions at Planned Parenthood,” said MacCallum to Napolitano.

“Correct,” replied Napolitano.

Later in the same interview, MacCallum repeated the claim that Planned Parenthood does not provide abortions, as well as the organization’s insistence that most of what it does is unrelated to abortion.

Nationwide in the United States, Planned Parenthood kills approximately 330,000 unborn children every year.  On its own website, Planned Parenthood gives “Abortion, Birth Control, Emergency Contraception (Morning After Pill)” as the first three items in a list of services provided by the organization.  Over 90% of pregnant women serviced by the organization receive abortions.

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