Use social networking to forge real relationships – Manila Archbishop

While extolling the vast potentials of social media in the work of evangelization, Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle urged the over 400 participants of the 1st Catholic Social Media Summit to consider the possibility that the desire to accumulate an enormous number of contacts on social networking sites indicates a yearning for authentic relationships that the virtual world cannot provide.

The bishop underscored that “social networking is very much welcomed by the Church so let’s not look at this as a social enemy. There’s much good in it,” adding that it is a “means for bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to a vaster audience.”  At the same time, he reminded the participants the joy in real relationships and real friendship, and the need to proclaim what Christian friendship is all about even in the digital world of “likes,” “shares” and “friend requests.”

The social media is now another venue for proclaiming what Christian friendship is all about, he said.

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