Women Being Used in Political Sorties


It is an open secret that sexy women are hired to dance at political sorties nationwide. It stems also from the sexy dancing we see in noontime shows, and other big gatherings. But lately this practice has gone under fire from the citizenry.

An all-woman group called the Playgirls were allegedly hired by an aspiring Senator as a birthday gift to perform at a Congressman’s party. The party was held after the Political Party meeting at the same venue.

Aside from the usual skimpy clothes and sexy dancing, the women also simulated the sexual act with members of the audience – some of whom are elected public officials. In front of children and the media. This shows how much women are being used to further political ambition. Politicians, who are supposed to serve the people and uplift the status of lives, end up promoting injustice, degradation and immorality.

How can we continue to elect such politicians who push for this kind of entertainment instead of promoting access to education. Education that these women can avail of to better themselves.

We should stand up and make our voices heard, and stop this degradation of women in political sorties and in television shows.

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